Angelfish ROV Control Box (ONLY) Kit (Rev 3)
Angelfish ROV Control Box (ONLY) Kit (Rev 3)
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Angelfish ROV Control Box (ONLY) Kit (Rev 3)

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This is for the Angelfish ROV CONTROL BOX ONLY.  The full Angelfish kit with thrusters and tether is available here

The Angelfish is a basic ROV kit that is designed to introduce students to ROV building.  The Angelfish ROV kit consists of the control system only. It does not include the wires to receive and deliver power, thrusters (motors, propeller adapters, and propellers), or a frame. Frame materials can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Detailed assembly instructions are available for the Angelfish kit, including video lessons on assembling an ROV, how a DPDT switch works, basic electricity and many more topics here.  You will need to register to access our lesson plans, however, registration is free.

Note:  Soldering and waterproofing is still required to attach the motors to the bottom end of the tether. 

The Angelfish ROV Control Box kit includes (pre-assembled kits require additional handling time):

Pre-drilled Angelfish Control Box Enclosure (w/ 4 Screws) – 1 ea
Angelfish Control Box Wrap Sticker – 1 ea
DPDT Toggle Switch (large) (AF) – 3 ea
Extra screws for Angelfish switch – 2 ea
FLEX Strain Relief Connector 3/8" (with Nut)  – 1 ea
DOME Strain Relief Connector 3/8" – 1 ea
Strain Relief Connector Lock Nut 3/8"  – 1 ea
Terminal Ring Connectors (Red) – 33 ea
Wire (18 gauge, yellow) – 1 m

A POWER SUPPLY is not included with this kit

The Angelfish kit does not come with a power source.  You will need to provide a power source to power your vehicle.  We offer three different solutions, depending on your budget and how you intend to use the ROV.  

AC to DC Power Supply:

For a solution that never needs recharging, we recommend an AC to DC, 30 amp power supply that plugs into an AC outlet, and provides a constant source of 12 volt DC power that the ROV needs.  This power supply can operate two Angelfish vehicles at once without issue.  

SAFETY NOTE:  Since this converter is being used near water, you must plug this converter into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected outlet or have a GFCI plug on the end of the converter.  DO NOT PLUG THIS INTO A STANDARD WALL SOCKET WITHOUT GFCI PROTECTION.

We also recommend keeping the AC to DC converter in a splash proof container or case.  A small plastic tub turned upside down will work to keep splashes off the power supply.

The 12V power supply with GFCI protected outlet is available here. 

Power pack with Powerpole adapter:

Powerpacks are battery packs that will provide the power your ROV will need. Powerpacks are often kept in vehicles to jumpstart a dead battery.  They will run down over time but can be recharged by plugging them into a wall socket.  The length of time a power pack can run an ROV depends on the ROV's power demands.  Here is an example of a jumpstarter power pack with a 12V socket (external link)

The power packs will need an adapter for the Powerpole connector to plug into.  This adapter plugs into the 12V lighter outlet found on the power packs, and the Powerpoles from your ROV plug into the adapter.  

12 volt Deep-Cycle Marine/RV car battery with alligator adapter:

Large lead acid batteries are another way to power the ROV.  MATE recommends the Deep-Cycle Marine / RV battery, as they are designed to be run down and recharged many times (a standard 12-volt car battery is not designed for this).  The battery should be able to run an Angelfish ROV for 4 to 6 hours or you can run 3 ROVs at a time for an hour or more.  The battery will need to be recharged after that.  To recharge a car type battery, you will need to purchase a charger.  

The battery will also need an adapter for the Powerpole connectors from your ROV to plug into.  This adapter has Alligator clips that connect to the battery posts on one end and has Powerpole connectors at the other end.

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