Simple Circuit Lab Kit

Simple Circuit Lab Kit

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The Simple Circuits kit is a reusable lab kit to help teach the basics of electronics and Ohm's Law.  Used along with the Simple Circuits Lab Worksheet, this kit provides the foundational knowledge for building the Angelfish and Pufferfish ROV Kits.  It is best to use one kit per two students.

Additional presentations and resources for the simple circuits lab kit include:  

Simple Circuits presentation 
Multi-meter basics 
How a Switch Works 
Electrical Symbols 
Simple Circuits Helpful Hints

The Simple Circuit Lab Kit includes: 

DPDT Toggle Switch – 1 ea
SPST Toggle Switch – 1 ea
Jumper Wires with Alligator Clips (set of 5) – 1 ea
Battery holder (holds 4-AA) – 1 ea
Hobby Motor – 1 ea
Resistor Card – 2 ea
Bi-color LEDs (GREEN/RED) – 1 ea
Red LEDs – 1 ea
Green LEDs – 1 ea
Resistors 470Ω– 1 ea
Resistors 1kΩ – 1 ea
Resistors 2kΩ – 1 ea
3 Amp Fuse – 1 ea
DPDT Knife Switch – 1 ea 


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