Pufferfish Video System Kit - TWO Cameras

Pufferfish Video System Kit - TWO Cameras

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This kit adds a monitor and two cameras to a Pufferfish ROV Kit.

Instructions for waterproofing a camera and detailed instructions for connecting the camera and monitor to the Pufferfish ROV are available.

The Video System Kit  TWO Cameras includes: 

17cm Monitor (M-F+pigtail) – 1 ea

RCA male to male adapters – 1     ea

Velcro - Heavy Duty (5cm wide) – 8 inches

Camera (F+ PWR 2.1x5.5mm) – 2 ea

7.62m video cable (BNC M-M + PWR 2.1x5.5mm) – 2  ea

Power Connector Male 2.1x5.5mm w/Pigtail Cable for Camera (straight) – 3      ea

BNC (female) to RCA (male) adapters – 2 ea

Power Barrel Connector Plug 2.0x5.5mm (long, non-locking, rubber handle) – 1 ea

Solder and Seal Connector – 2 ea

SeaMATE Camera Waterproofing Kit

Acrylic Tube – 2 ea

Camera Tube Mount (PVC Reducing Tee) – 2 ea

Acrylic Discs – 2 ea

Not included with this kit:

Two-Part, slow-curing epoxy such as Envirotex Lite (external link)
Containers for mixing the epoxy in
JB Weld Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy (external link)
Acrylic Plastic Cement (external link)


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