Pufferfish Circuit Board Kit

Pufferfish Circuit Board Kit

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This is the control board and all necessary components to re-build the Pufferfish Circuit board.  Discounts are available for bulk-purchases (see above). 

The Pufferfish ROV with Thrusters and Tether is available here.

The Pufferfish Circuit Board Kit includes: 

Pufferfish Printed Circuit Board (Rev 7) – 1 ea
Amp/Voltmeter instructions for Pufferfish – 1 ea
Terminal Block - 2 Position 5mm – 6 ea
Terminal Block - 3 Position 5mm – 1 ea
Switch Connectors – 20 ea
Bi-color LEDs (GREEN/RED) – 4 ea
Resistor 10 ohm – 3 ea
Resistor 1k-ohm – 4 ea
Capacitor - Ceramic 1uf 100v – 3 ea
Capacitor - Aluminum 220 uf 25v – 1 ea
Radial Inductor – 1 ea
Diode 150V 2A – 1 ea

The Pufferfish ROV Kit has now been upgraded to Version 7 to incorporate the following improvements:
1.  The PC board is updated to align the indicator LEDs
2.  The PC board is now printed with numbers rather than colors to identify the amp/voltmeter wire positions to accommodate meters with varying wire colors and wire thicknesses.