Underwater Robotics --- Educational Kits and Components for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
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How to generate a quote or place an order

The SeaMATE online store is set up to allow self-service quote generation.

Instructions for receiving a quote, or placing an order for SeaMATE products:
  1. Visit SeaMATE.org

  2. Click on the products that you want

  3. If the product has multiple options, choose the one you want

  4. Add the item to your cart

  5. Click on the cart icon at the top-right corner of the page

  6. Review your cart. Adjust and update quantities as needed

  7. Add any special instructions by clicking "Add a note to your order" (indicate the date your order is needed by, if applicable)

  8. Click “Check Out”

  9. Complete your Customer information and click “Continue to shipping method”

  10. Verify your shipping address and edit if necessary, select your shipping method, and click “Continue to payment method”

  11. Enter your credit card information or,

    1. if you are an educational institution or organization in the United States and need to pay via purchase order, then select “Purchase Orders” instead of “Credit card”

  12. Enter your Billing address and click “Submit”

    1. If you paid by credit card, your order will be processed immediately. Please allow 2-4 days for order fulfillment and approximately 1 week for shipping.

    2. If you selected payment by Purchase Order, pressing "Submit" will generate and email you a quote that you can use to obtain a Purchase Order. Fulfillment of your order will be on hold pending receipt of your Purchase Order.

      1. Please write “MATE Center” and the SeaMATE Order Number on your purchase order.

      2. Scan and email your PO to ckhan@mpc.edu