Triggerfish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit

Triggerfish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit

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This is a replacement kit for the Triggerfish Barracuda backplane board. This kit comes included in the full Triggerfish or Barracuda ROV kit. The replacement kit is only needed if an issue occurs and the backplane board needs to be replaced, or if you want to remove the backplane board so a new group of students can solder and assemble the backplane board.

The Triggerfish/Barracuda Backplane Kit includes:

MATE Backplane Board (Rev 3)   
Powerpole Connector Housings (RED/BLACK bonded pair housings only - without crimp lugs) 
Header Connector - 5 position     
1/4" Quick Connect Female, 14-16 AWG fully insulated          
Power Cord 16 Ga. (red/black zip cord)  
Tether Connector - 12 pin -  male/female set    
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, red) cut to 5" lengths         
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, black) cut to 5" lengths     
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, yellow) cut to 5" lengths   
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, blue) cut to 5" lengths       
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, orange) cut to 5" lengths  
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, white) cut to 5" lengths     
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, brown) cut to 5" lengths   
Reclaimed Wire (18 gauge, green) cut to 5" lengths    
Tether Connector (12 pin) hardware bag
SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Component Bag (Rev 4)