Sabertooth – Joystick Replacement Kit

Sabertooth – Joystick Replacement Kit

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***Backorder Notification
The following kits are currently on backorder for six weeks:

-Barracuda Control Box (ONLY) Kit (Rev 2)
-Barracuda ROV with Thrusters and Tether (Rev 2)
-TriggerFish Control Box Kit (Rev 4)
-TriggerFish ROV Kit with Thrusters and Tether (Rev 4)
-Sabertooth – Joystick Replacement Kit

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This is a replacement kit for Sabertooth motor controllers and joysticks.  If you burned out a Sabertooth motor controller, or your joystick breaks, you can get replacement parts with this kit (note: 99% of the time, joystick problems are a burned out Sabertooth motor controller, usually due to soldering issues).  All these components come with both the Barracuda and Triggerfish ROV kits, this is a replacement kit. 

Included in the Sabertooth – Joystick Replacement Kit:

 - Sabertooth Motor Controller with water resistant coating and mounting screws 1 pcs
 - Heatsink compound 1 pcs
 - Joystick 1 pcs
 - Joystick 3 pin connector wire 1 pcs

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