Spanish Galleon Competition Prop Kit

Spanish Galleon Competition Prop Kit

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The Spanish Galleon Competition Kit is a stand-alone competition.  It is not related to the MATE ROV Competition.  We designed the Spanish Galleon competition for schools who want to build ROVs for a competition, but do not want to compete in the official MATE competition. 

All of the instructions, notes on how to set up the competition (including score sheets), and build instructions for the mission props is available, free of charge, here.  

This kit is for the necessary prop pieces, and does not include ROV kits, ROV frame kits, or power supplies. 

The Spanish Galleon Competition Prop Kit includes:

1/2" PVC pipe (length: 3 cm) – 9 ea
1/2" PVC pipe (length: 8 cm) – 4 ea
1/2" PVC pipe (length: 10 cm) – 2 ea
1/2" PVC pipe (length: 19 cm) – 2 ea
1/2" PVC pipe (length: 30 cm) – 4 ea
1-1/2" PVC pipe (length: 20 cm) – 1 ea
1/2 " slip PVC tee connectors – 11 ea
1/2 " slip PVC 45° angle connectors – 4 ea
1/2 " slip PVC 90° elbow connectors – 2 ea
1-1/4" PVC Coupler – 4 ea
O-balls – 2 ea
2-Gallon Bucket Lid – 1 ea
#8x1" self-drilling screws – 15 ea
#310 U-bolt – 1 ea
1/4" x 20 hex nuts – 4 ea
Pipe cleaners – 24 ea
Pack of colored electrical tape – 1 package


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