PufferFish Practice Board

PufferFish Practice Board

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The PufferFish Practice Board allows students to learn and practice the essentials of through-hole soldering on a printed circuit board.  Before soldering your PufferFish Control Box, we recommend using the board to practice soldering skills.  When completed, the kits feature a functioning DPDT switch which will light the LEDs when power is applied, as well as lighting an LED different colors depending on the direction the switch is thrown.  The PufferFish Practice board simulates one switch of a Pufferfish ROV controller.  A 9V battery, not included, is needed to power this kit.  

Instructions for creating your PufferFish Practice Board.  Want to learn more about soldering components onto a printed circuit board?  Check out the How to Solder Components to a PCB presentation.

Discounts are available for bulk-purchases (see above). 

The PufferFish Practice Board Kit includes:

PufferFish Practice Circuit Board – 1 ea
Small Red DPDT Toggle Switch (PFPB) – 1 ea
Bi-color LEDs (GREEN/RED) – 2 ea
Resistor 1k-ohm – 2 ea
9-volt battery snap connector – 1 ea
Reclaimed Wire (18-gauge, various colors) 10cm lengths – 2 ea


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