15 Meter (50') Tether Kit (TriggerFish/Barracuda)

15 Meter (50') Tether Kit (TriggerFish/Barracuda)

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This tether kit is best suited for the Triggerfish and Barracuda ROV kits.

The 15 Meter Tether Kit includes:

Tether Casing – 15m
18/8 TF tether wire (8-wire grey) – 15m
Velcro closures – 2 ea
Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment – 1 package
1/2" PVC Female slip x NPT adapter for tether strain relief – 2 ea
1/2" PVC Cross – 1 ea
1/2 " PVC pipe (3.5 cm length) – 2 ea
Zip Ties (small – 10cm) – 4 ea
Dome strain relief connector 1/2" – 2 ea

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