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SeaMATE Spanish Galleon Competition Kit

SeaMATE Spanish Galleon Competition Kit

$ 95.00

 The Spanish Galleon Competition Kit is a stand-alone competition.  It is not related to the 2017 MATE Competition.  We designed the Spanish Galleon competition for schools who want to build ROVs for a competition, but do not want to compete in the official MATE competition.  So this kit does provide the props for a competition, just not for the 2017 MATE competition. 

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Kit Contents:

SeaMATE Spanish Galleon Competition Kit
2-ZPV-4514-AA 1/2" PVC pipe (length: 3 cm) 9 ea
2-ZPV-4515-AA 1/2" PVC pipe (length: 8 cm) 4 ea
2-ZPV-4516-AA 1/2" PVC pipe (length: 10 cm) 2 ea
2-ZPV-4517-AA 1/2" PVC pipe (length: 19 cm) 2 ea
2-ZPV-4518-AA 1/2" PVC pipe (length: 30 cm) 4 ea
2-ZPV-4551-AA 1-1/2" PVC pipe (length: 20 cm) 1 ea
1-PVC-4505-AA 1/2 " slip PVC tee connectors 11 ea
1-PVC-4506-AA 1/2 " slip PVC 45° angle connectors 4 ea
1-PVC-4507-AA 1/2 " slip PVC 90° elbow connectors 2 ea
1-PVC-4512-AA 1-1/4" PVC Coupler 4 ea
1-ACC-1303-AA O-balls 2 ea
1-WKS-8351-AA 2-Gallon Bucket Lid 1 ea
1-FST-2781-AA #8x1" self-drilling screws 15 ea
1-FST-2782-AA #310 U-bolt 1 ea
1-FST-2783-AA 1/4" x 20 hex nuts 4 ea
1-ACC-1304-AA Pipe cleaners 24 ea
1-WKS-8350-AA Pack of colored electrical tape 1 pkg
1-PUB-4007-AA MATE SHIPHUNT Curriculum Codes insert 1 ea


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