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SeaMATE PufferFish Video System Kit (1 camera)

$ 130.00


3-ACC-6031-AA-01 SeaMATE PufferFish Video System Kit (1 camera) 1 kit
1-ACC-1210-AA 7" Monitor (M-F+pigtail) 1 ea
1-ACC-1214-AA Monitor stand 1 ea
1-ACC-1215-AA Adhesive pad for monitor stand 1 ea
1-ACC-1206-AA Camera (F+ PWR 2.1x5.5mm) 1 ea
1-WIR-7355-AA 25' video cable (BNC M-M + PWR 2.1x5.5mm) 1 ea
1-ACC-1209-AA BNC (female) to RCA (male) adapters 2 ea
1-PWR-5082-AA Power Connector Male 2.1x5.5mm w/Pigtail Cable for Camera & Monitor 2 ea
1-PWR-5084-AA Power Connector Female 2.1x5.5mm for Monitor 1 ea
3-ACC-6012-AA-01 SeaMATE Camera Waterproofing Kit (for 1 camera)  1 kit


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