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SeaMATE PufferFish Components Grab Bag

SeaMATE PufferFish Components Grab Bag

$ 16.00

This grab bag includes 2 of each of the components used on a PufferFish Circuit Board (just in case you accidentally lose or damage a needed component).

SeaMATE PufferFish Components Grab Bag
1-CPN-2305-AA Terminal Block - 2 Position (Green) 5mm 2 ea
1-CPN-2306-AA Terminal Block - 3 Position (Green) 5mm 2 ea
1-CPN-2501-AA Switch Connnectors 2 ea
1-CPN-2002-AA Bi-color LEDs (GRN/RED) 2 ea
1-CPN-2201-AA Resistor 10 ohm 2 ea
1-CPN-2203-AA Resistor 1k-ohm 2 ea
1-CPN-2101-AA Capacitor - Ceramic 1uf 100v 2 ea
1-CPN-2102-AA Capacitor - Aluminum 220 uf 25v 2 ea
1-CPN-2601-AA Radial Inductor 2 ea
1-CPN-2001-AA Diode 150V 2A 2 ea
1-PWR-5202-AA 10 Amp Fuse (Red) 4 ea


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