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ROV Workshop Tool Bag

$ 400.00

8-WKS-2001-AB-01 ROV Tool Bag 1 kit
1-WKS-8201-AA Multimeter 1 ea
1-WKS-8202-AA Soldering station 1 ea
1-WKS-8109-AA Fine tip for soldering iron 1 pack of 5
1-WKS-8203-AA PVC cutters 1 ea
1-WKS-8204-AA Auto wire stripper (Vise Grip) 1 ea
1-WKS-8205-AA Wire stripper/crimper 1 ea
1-WKS-8206-AA Flush cut wire cutter 1 ea
1-OFC-3305-AA Sharpie 1 ea
1-WKS-8209-AA Scissors 1 ea
1-WKS-8210-AA Jeweler Screw driver set 1 set
1-WKS-8211-AA Solder sucker 1 ea
1-WKS-8232-AA 7 in 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set - Stubby - Magnetic 1 ea
1-PRD-3706-AA Roll of electrical tape (black, white, or yellow only) 1 ea
1-WKS-8215-AA Metal ruler (15" or 18") 1 ea
1-WIR-7520-AA Heavy Duty Jumper Wires with Alligator Clips (set of 5) 1 set
1-WKS-8217-AA Husky Bag 1 ea
1-WKS-8218-AA Needle Nose Pliers 1 ea
1-WKS-8222-AA Ratcheting crimper 1 ea
1-WKS-8223-AA Wire cutter (small) 1 ea
1-WKS-8226-AA Solder wick 1 ea
1-WKS-8101-AA Heat Guns 1 ea
1-WKS-8102-AA Mini glue gun 1 ea
1-WKS-8104-AA Glue stick (for mini glue gun) 30 ea
1-WIR-7901-AA Heat Shrink Package (Assortment) 1 ea

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