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PWM Demonstration and Troubleshooting Rig

$ 150.00



8-WKS-8531-AA-01 PWM Demonstration and Troubleshooting Rig 1 pkg
1-PCB-3504-AB Sabertooth Motor Controller with water resistant coating and mounting screws 1 ea
1-SWT-6005-AA Joysticks 1 ea
1-WIR-7507-AA Joystick wire (ribbon) 2 ft
1-WIR-7604-AA Power Cord 18 Ga. (red/black zip cord) 5 ft
2-ZPW-5005-AA 30 Amp Powerpole Connector Housings (One RED/BLACK bonded pair with two 30amp crimp lugs in a 1x2 bag) - reuse the 1x2 bags from previous Power kit production packs 1 pk
1-PWR-5005-AA 30 Amp Powerpole Connectors (crimp lug only) 2 ea
1-FST-2932-AA Velcro - Heavy Duty (2" wide) 1 inch
n/a PWM mounting board 1 ea
n/a pan head screws as needed ea

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