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Here is the latest on the kits - we now have two - an all new TriggerFish and a new Barracuda ROV Kit- photos of both are attached.   
To alleviate a number of the wiring issues from the summer, the redesigned "TriggerFish" board became more and more robust with more and more capabilities including relays, Bluetooth, connections for two cameras, easy plug in and unplug tether capability and so much more.  Scott has been working hard and has gone through a number of circuit board iterations.  It progressed so much that we decided to give it a new name - the Barracuda ROV Kit.  So this will be a nice top-of-the-line kit that can be used for years by adding additional capabilities each year as a team progresses.  It can still run on analog, if need be, but almost all the inbox wiring is now on the circuit board.
The all new TriggerFish is a big circuit board, just like the Barrcuda (we are getting rid of the Aluminum plate) but it will just run on analog (no Arduino) and will need to be manually wired so more introductory students can understand what they are doing.  The idea is that this will be just a little more advanced then the PufferFish Kit.
Both kits will use the same orange case that we used in the summer with identical Lexan plates that will fit inside the box so you can see through to the circuit board.  Both kits will use the same back panel (we will cut holes in the back of the orange case for a plug-in tether.) There is a photo of the back panel on the attached sheet.  If someone wants to start with a TriggerFish then upgrade to a Barracuda, 95% of the kit can be reused for the Barracuda.  We are trying to make everything as reusable as possible.
Scott's students are assembling the Barracuda kit now.  The new TriggerFish board should be printed in about a week.  We still have more testing to do and will have updated photos of the completed kits in the next few weeks.   We don't have an official release date but we are working hard to try to get everything to you by mid-January.  Everyone, who is still waiting on a kit, will receive a Barracuda unless you tell us otherwise.  
Cheers, Deidre

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