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2018 MATE "Diving into Underwater Sensors and Arduino" Workshop

2018 MATE "Diving into Underwater Sensors and Arduino" Workshop

$ 400.00

Learning to use Arduino to collect data with underwater sensors.
Course fee includes the following materials: 
8-WKS-8515-AC-01 2018 "Diving into Sensors" Workshop Kit 1 kit
1-PUB-4121-AA "2018 Diving into Underwater Sensors and Arduino" Welcome Letter 1 ea
1-PUB-4402-AA Textbook - "Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches" by Simon Monk 1 ea
1-WKS-8201-AA Multimeter 1 ea
8-WKS-8512-AA Sunfounder Components Kit 1 kit
Analog Hall Sensor 1 ea
Analog Temperature Sensor 1 ea
Buzzer, Passive 1 ea
Pushbutton 4 ea
Hall Sensor 1 ea
Linear-Hall Sensor 1 ea
Digital Temperature Sensor 1 ea
Joystick PS2 2 ea
Photo Resistor Sensor 1 ea
Trim Pot (250k) 2 ea
40 pin Header 1 ea
Breadboard 1 ea
Jumper wires (male to female) 40 ea
Jumper wires (male to male) 20 ea
LED, green 4 ea
LED, red 4 ea
LED, yellow 4 ea
Resistor, 1k Ohm ¼ watt, 5% 10 ea
Resistor, 10k Ohm ¼ watt 5% 10 ea
Sunfounder Uno (Arduino R3 compatible) 1 ea
USB Cable 1 ea
Box for Components 1 ea
1-PCB-3510-AA SainSmart V3 Keypad Shield for Arduino 1 ea
1-CPN-2205-AA Thermistor 1 ea
1-PUB-4002-AA Resistor Card 1 ea

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