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SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit (for TF rev 3, UD rev 0)

$ 60.00

 The SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit (3-TRG-3040-AA-01) is for the TriggerFish Rev 3 and the Barracuda Rev 0. These are the kits that use 2 rows of 6-pin black tether connectors.

The new TriggerFish Rev 4 and Barracuda Rev 1 use a different backplane board in the SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit (Rev 4) (3-TRG-3055-AA-01).

Kit contents:

3-TRG-3040-AA-01 SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Board Kit 1 kit
1-PCB-3621-AA MATE Backplane Board (Rev 1) 1 ea
1-PWR-5007-AA Powerpole Connector Housings (RED/BLACK bonded pair housings only - without crimp lugs) 1 pair
1-CPN-2456-AA Header Connector - 5 position 3 ea
1-CPN-2457-AA Tether Connector - 6 position - male 2 ea
1-CPN-2406-AA 1/4" Quick Connect Female, 14-16 AWG fully insulated 3 ea
1-WIR-7605-AA Power Cord 16 Ga. (red/black zip cord) 1 ft
1-WIR-7820-AA Tether Connector - 6 pin - female blade housing 2 ea
1-WIR-7821-AA Tether Connector - female blade terminal 20 ea
3-TRG-3039-AA-01 SeaMATE TriggerFish/Barracuda Backplane Component Bag 1 Bag
1-CPN-2002-AA Bi-color LEDs (GRN/RED) 2 ea
1-CPN-2210-AA Resistors 1k-Ohm 2 ea
1-FST-2714-AA Steel Phillips Rounded Head Screws 8-32 Thread Size, 3/4" Long 4 ea
1-FST-2731-AA Steel Locknut with External-Tooth Lock Washer Zinc-Plated, 8-32 Thread Size, 11/32" Wide 4 ea
1-FST-2804-AA Nylon spacers for TF-BA Backplane 4 ea
1-CPN-2471-AA BNC Connector Jack, Female Socket - PCB 2 ea
1-CPN-2307-AA Terminal Block - 4 Position (Black) 3.5mm 1 ea
1-CPN-2473-AA RCA female Jack Mono Connector - PCB 2 ea
1-PWR-5040-AA 45 Amp PCB Contact - Vertical mount, short tail contact 2 ea

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