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SeaMATE TriggerFish (Rev 4) Components Grab Bag

$ 30.00

This grab bag includes a spare of each of the components used on a TriggerFish Circuit Board (just in case you accidentally lose or damage a needed component).

3-TRG-3057-AB-01 SeaMATE TriggerFish (Rev 4) Components Grab Bag 1 kit
1-SWT-6302-AA TF/UD Power Rocker Switch 1 ea
1-CPN-2102-AA Capacitor - Aluminum 220 uf 25v 1 ea
1-CPN-2101-AA Capacitor - Ceramic 1uf 100v 1 ea
1-CPN-2103-AA Capacitor - Aluminum 1000 uf 16v 1 ea
1-CPN-2001-AA Diode 150V 2A 1 ea
1-PWR-5210-AA Mini Blade Fuse Holder - PCB 1 ea
1-FST-2804-AA Nylon spacers for TF-BA Backplane 4 ea
1-PWR-5212-AA 3 Amp Mini Blade Fuse (Violet) 5 ea
1-PWR-5211-AA 15 Amp Mini Blade Fuse (Blue) 5 ea
1-CPN-2304-AA Terminal Block - 8 Position (Blue) 5.08mm 1 ea
1-CPN-2601-AA Radial Inductor (101) 100uh 1.4A 280 Mohm 1 ea
1-CPN-2002-AA Bi-color LEDs (GRN/RED) 2 ea
1-CPN-2451-AA Receptacle Connector - 5 position 1 ea
1-CPN-2210-AA Resistors 1k-Ohm 2 ea
2-ZPW-5005-AA 30 Amp Powerpole Connector Housings (One RED/BLACK bonded pair with two 30amp crimp lugs in a 1x2 bag) 2 set
1-PWR-5041-AA 45 Amp PCB Contact - Horizontal (Bottom), right angle mount 2 ea
1-CPN-2406-AA 1/4" Quick Connect Female, 14-16 AWG fully insulated 3 ea
1-WIR-7821-AA Tether Connector - female blade terminal 12 ea
1-PWR-5040-AA 45 Amp PCB Contact - Vertical mount, short tail contact 2 ea

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