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SeaMATE Camera Waterproofing Kit (for 2 cameras)

SeaMATE Camera Waterproofing Kit (for 2 cameras)

$ 20.00

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There is not a lot in this kit. You are best off buying the majority of the materials on Amazon and just buying the hard to find materials from us. This kit includes: two acrylic tubes, 2 camera tube mounts, 2 acrylic disks and a bunch of sticks to help stabilize the video cable in the waterproofing process. Why two of everything? The cost difference between waterproofing 1 or 2 cameras is not that great. This way you have a backup in case one camera fails.

3-ACC-6013-AA-01 SeaMATE Camera Waterproofing Kit (for 2 cameras) 1 kit
1-ACC-1201-AA Acrylic Tube 2 ea
1-PVC-4503-AA Camera Tube Mount (PVC Reducing Tee) 2 ea
1-ACC-1202-AA Acrylic Discs 2 ea
1-ACC-1203-AA Craft Sticks 4 ea

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